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We will however do a one-off full external clean which includes; Windows, Gutters, Conservatory, Fascia & Soffit cleaning as a package. 

Once you have signed up on our website to join our monthly or bi-monthly rounds, our office team will send a confirmation email to you which will confirm the costs, when to expect us and any additional information. 

We ask that you follow the Direct Debit link and have this set up before any cleaning can start from our team. 

By using our service you agree to our terms and conditions of business. 

1.0 Initial First Clean:

For your first clean only, there will be an additional one-off 50% added charge to your service. This has been explained in our leaflet and is there to allow our team the added time to make sure your windows get the care they require. 

2.0 What to expect:

Our pure water is very effective at removing general dirt, and grime and dropping from the windows, frames, vents, sills and doors. If you have any builder’s residue (e.g. paint, plaster, concrete, etc.) stickers or adhesives, staining/discolouration on windows or frames from chemicals, rust or previous poor maintenance with UV bleaching to the frames, pure water will not be effective at removing these, please do notify us when we do call by for your first clean. 

Our team are trained to clean all accessible windows, frames, vents, sills, doors, and garage doors each visit. (Garage doors may be missed if they are in poor condition or inaccessible due to parked cars). 

3.0 How often do we visit?

We offer the choice of a monthly or two monthly (Bimonthly) service. We give a date range of around 4 days of when to expect us for your property. We do ask for some flexibility due to rain and other factors. Please check ‘Our Areas’ tab to see when we cover your town each month. 

4.0 Bad Weather:

Our team will always do our best not to clean your windows in the rain, however, we do still work in light rain and short showers. Our promise to our customers is that the results will always be the same and expect a clean window when dry. If the rain is too heavy, we will not clean your windows and will schedule for the following day. 

5.0 Turning us away on short notice:

As a company we take pride in being as reliable as we can be for you, be we also appreciate our customers being reliable for us. We will make time and space on the day for your services, if we are turned away on the day, unfortunately, this is too short notice for us to replace this with another clean. We will be understanding where possible, however, we do reserve the right to charge for the full amount due and may look to cancel any ongoing work you have with us if this happens on more than 1 occasion at short notice. 

6.0 Cancelling your service with us:

At some point you may wish to end your services with our company, we understand folk move homes and you have the right to do this at any point you require. We should note that we do not offer any one-off window cleans and expect that a customer would stay with us for a minimum of 3 cleans if not many years. 

You can cancel this service by calling 01463212566 or by email, (info@highlandwindowcleaning.co.uk) we do ask that you make sure and receive confirmation that we have cancelled your services. 

7.0 Making access available for us:

We will be offering a no reply text message to alert our customers the day before your cleaning service is due, we look to have this fully set up for late February. This is to make sure our customers are aware we will be visiting in the hope that access will be available all the way around your property with gates unlocked. We do ask that back gardens aren’t soiled in dog poo for our team arriving as we will have to miss the backs of your property out whilst charging for the full amount on the day. 

8.0 Complaints procedure:

Highland Window Cleaning will always try to provide the best possible service at all times. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, you must contact us within 24 hours of the service. We will return the following day to correct and reclean the work for free to ensure this is of an acceptable standard. Please note that complaints made 48 hours or longer may not be recleaned. We would also like to note that we do not offer a refund policy, we will rectify any work you are not happy with free of charge providing we are informed within 24 hours. 

9.0 Confidentiality:

All customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed, shared or sold to any individual or company, as is required under the terms and conditions of the Data Protection Act. We may use your information internally to offer discounts and offers which we may run from time to time. 

10.0 Payments:

As a customer joining our monthly or bimonthly (12 or 6 cleans annually) we require you to join our direct debit system called GoCardless which can be set up on our payments page. Payments will be automatically collected 5 days after your cleaning. 

Customers booking a one-off Gutter Clean, Pressure Washing or Fascia & Soffit Clean will be required to pay in advance of us carrying out any work. We will then book your job within 14 days of the payment being received. This can be done over the phone with our office on 01463 212566. 


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