Do you work in the rain?

Here in the Highlands, we are faced with all types of weather from heavy snow showers to blistering sunlight, with us having four seasons in just one day at a times, our team certainly do their best. Our system allows us to work in rain showers whilst giving the desired results we expect. We are happy to call back and reclean any windows which you may not be happy with.
(Temps below -2 and wind speeds above 20mph may just hold our rounds back for a day or so)

Why are my windows still wet?

Using our deionised water system all windows are left wet and for best results, it is important to let them dry naturally. Our water really is that clear and goes through a thorough process to allow this to work.

How does the service work?
  • We show up within the dates provided and clean all accessible windows, frames, sills, vents, doors, and garage doors.
  • Most open windows are accessible for us, however, there may be cases if you’re out and have left some windows open which may not be safe for us to clean. (We find this to happen very rarely)
  • If we cannot access the back of the property on the day then we look to charge 50% of the usual price.
  • Please ensure the garden is clear of dog poo for us arriving on our scheduled dates. We appreciate this isn’t always easy and understand one or two in the garden. We don’t expect to climb through this. 
  • Once complete we leave a ‘Calling Card’ slip with the amount due along with the date of your service. Please make sure you have signed up for your GoCardless direct debit to allow our banking system to run the payment through. You will receive an email for this each time. 
  • We ensure your gate is closed and your property is left as we found it, only now the windows are sparkling of course!
  • All our work is guaranteed. Please do make contact within 24 hours for any queries and we will be sure to sort this out the following day.
  • We request that payment be made within 7 days of the cleaning being complete. Our direct debit system takes 2 minutes and only requires to be set up once. Please make sure this is done before we carry any cleaning out. 
  • Your next clean will be automatically scheduled as agreed. Please do make sure to contact us if you wish to cancel for any reason and ensure you have confirmation that your address is removed from our rounds. 
Do you clean my frames too?

We clean every part of your external windows which includes all accessible windows including the glass, frames, vents, sills, doors and garage doors should you have one. (Poorly painted / conditioned or inaccessible garage doors may be missed by our team)

How do I pay for the service?

It is important for us when running a small business that all payments are settled within 7 days of your cleaning. We operate a direct debit system which will only request money after your service has been carried out. Please see our payment page to sign up for this. Our team will also accept cash on the day for elderly customers who may not have access online. Anyone set up for direct debit must only pay using that method, please do not then pay our team cash for it and confuse our banking system. (Please find our payment details here)

Why was one of my windows missed?

Whilst we say we can clean almost any window there will be exceptions perhaps where we simply cannot access a window. This could be due to a few different factors so please do just ask and we would be happy to advise why it was missed on the day. The roof may be getting slippy and hadn’t been before etc.

Can I cancel for the winter?

Our small team here work all year round, for this reason, we do have a policy in place where we must clean a the residential property at least 6 times within a 12-month period to be seen as regular and on our work rounds. Providing your property can be cleaned 6 times then we would be happy to have this done for you. Whether this be every 2 months all year round, or for 6 consecutive months and missing out on the winter period, this would also be ok.

What areas do you cover?

Our regular window cleaning service covers a 20-mile radius of Inverness City. With our other services, we are happy to travel throughout Highland, Moray and Lochaber for large-scale jobs. (Please see our window cleaning service area mapped out here) (Please see our monthly service area mapped out here)

Why should I hire a professional for Pressure Washing?

Anyone can purchase a pressure washer and get going however there are many factors to be considered which can cause real problems if not assessed correctly before starting the work. We would be happy to advise and quote for you based on our experience and provide a tailored service to suit your property.

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