Our Team

Clarke Mclean

Position: Owner / Cleaner

Clarkes time is split between running the business and finding time to get out and work alongside the team.

Previous work roles: Traffic Management & Steel Fabrication.
Started with company: Clarke started the company on his own in 2017.
Outwith work time: You will find Clarke normally doing more work! If not he will be at ‘The Barn’ organising something to do with building his car. He may just get to drive it one day… If he isn’t working or at the barn, you’ll find him cuddling O’Jay (the dug) on the sofa!

Danika Keogh

Position: Window Cleaner / Supervisor

Danika is the real boss. She works full-time as a window cleaner and helps keep things organised alongside Clarke.

Previous work roles: Iceland Shop Assistant & Poundland Retail Supervisor.
Started with company: November 2020
Outwith work time: Danika enjoys keeping her house spotless and spending time with her son out walking the dog. If she doesn’t find something to do then Clarke normally finds something work-related to help with. Isn’t she a lucky girl!


Position: Window Cleaner Operative

Sean helps carry out all the tasks here at Highland Window Cleaning. Sean has a big part to play in our roof cleaning side of things and thoroughly enjoys working on the bigger jobs where he can.

Previous work roles: Retail, Hospitality & Home Carer.
Started with company: April 2021
Outwith work time: Sean finds himself in the gym most evenings after work. We still don’t understand where he finds this energy but it’s definitely in there somewhere. Sean enjoys spending time with his young family and meeting his friends at weekends for a drive and social lunch.


Position: Window Cleaner Operative

Phil is one of our main window cleaning ops. He will also be seen out gutter clearing and working on some pressure washing jobs with the rest of our team.

Previous work roles: Fibre Cabling & Traffic Management
Started with company: January 2023
Outwith work time: Phil enjoys his time at home watching sports, not so much playing them anymore he tells us! Phil is originally from Inverness but spent a lot of time living in South Africa, Hong Kong and Holland. He certainly has some interesting stories to share about these experiences.

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